Framed Lattice

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All of Our English and Victorian style lattice is made with #1 Northern White Cedar. Diagonal and Square 3/4" thick lattice is made with Western Red Cedar.

Lattice Options:

English Lattice:
fabricated with 1x1 inch overlapping cedar with standard square openings of 2, 3, and 4 inches. Custom sized openings and mortised lattice is available for an additional cost.

Victorian Lattice: Fabricated with 1x1 inch ovelapping cedar with a diagonal opening of 4 inches.

Heights: Standard 3,4,5,6, feet.

Red Cedar Lattice: Flat 3/4 inch thickness comes in 2 inch square and diagonal openings. Custom Flat Mini Mesh lattice with1 inch opening is available for an additional cost.

Heights: Standard 3, and 4, feet. Custom 5 and 6 feet are available for an addtional cost.

Length: Standard 8 feet.

All of our Lattice is framed on both sides with 1x3, or 1x4 boards depending on their height and is capped on top with a 1x4 board.

Installation Options: Fastened with screws to blank posts

Post Options: Square 5x5 or 6x6 cedar or pressure treated

Post Tops: Pyramid or Flat caps chamfered edge

All of our wood fences are available for staining in our shop before installation