Boards with Lattice Topper

Click on the gallery below to see some of our installed fences.

All of our Board and Lattice Topper fences are made with #1 Northern White Cedar. Our flat 2 inch square and diagonal lattice is made of Western Red Cedar.

Screen Board sections are available in 3, 31/2 , 4, 41/2 , 5, 51/2 6, and 61/2 feet. Framed Lattice toppers are available in 1, 11/2, and 2 feet. These board and lattice heights can be used in any combination to create a standard or custom fence up to an 8 foot height.

Length: Standard 8' feet

Board Options: 1x4 butted or shiplap joinery or 1x6 tongue and groove joinery.

Backing Rails: 2x3 molded and doweled or 2x4 square or and doweled. Universal Board or framed style sections come with 2x4 routed rails.

Cap and Fascia Options: 1x4 top cap with optional 1x4 top and bottom routed fascia boards.

Lattice Options: English Lattice fabricated with 1x1 inch overlapping cedar with standard square openings of 2, 3, and 4 inches. Custom sized openings and mortised lattice is available for an additional cost.

Flat lattice topper with 3/4 inch thickness comes in 2 inch square and diagonal openings. Custom Flat Mini Mesh lattice with1 inch opening is available for an additional cost.

Installation: We offer mortise and tenon with doweled rails and drilled posts. Our Universal Board or frame style sections are attached with screws to blank posts (no drilling). Lattice topper is attached with screws to posts.

Post options:
Square 5x5 or 6x6 in cedar or pressure treated

Post Tops: Pyramid and flat caps, chamfered edge or Gothic top

All of our wood fences are available for staining in our shop before installation.