Commercial and Industrial

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We install the highest quality fabric and frame work available to meet your specific Commercial or Industrial chain linkrequirement. Let our professionals design the best possible fence for your new or existing chain link fence project.

Fabric/ Wire:

Color: Standard Galvanized, Black ,Green vinyl coated Special Order: Brown and custom colors
Coatings: Zinc galv ,aluminized, Extruded vinyl and Class 2b Fusion Bonded Vinyl
Fabric Sizes: Standard openings 2in Tennis Court 13/4in Pool Code or anti climb 11/4 in . Special Order: High SecurityMini mesh 3/8in to 1in
Wire Gauges: Galvanized and almunized 9 and 6ga. Extruded Vinyl: 11core with 9ga finish and 9core 6ga finish
Fusion Bonded: 9ga core x 8ga finish, 6ga core x 5ga finish
Heights: Standard 3, 31/2, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 10, 12 Note: Special order required for some coatings and gauges

Framework Options:

Weights: Light Commercial Sch.20 Heavy Commercial & Industrial SS40 or Sch.40 Full Weight
Coatings: Zinc galvanized, Polyester/Powder Coated, Fusion Bonded Vinyl
Corner and Terminal Post: 23/8, 27/8 ,4 inches
Line Posts: 17/8, 23/8, 27/8
Rails: 15/8 17/8 Top, Middle, Bottom
Braces: 15/8, 17/8 Terminal, Corners with optional truss rod available.
Tension Wire: 6ga Bottom Note: Top rail can be substituted with a tension wire
Installation: Cement footings for all posts or pounded line posts
Fittings: Standard and beveled
Privacy Screening: PVC Slats, Construction/ Wind Fabric screens